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‘In Search of the Elusive Panda’



The Green Peak Canyon Expedition.

Chapter thirteen

Fairy wings

After speaking to Darren one last time, buying her ticket and wolfing down some food, Kathy boarded the plane to Ho Chi Minh city. It was a short hop to the main city of Vietnam, and she hoped that the money from her parents would be there by the time she arrived so she could continue to her destination in China. She was determined to take the photo of the Giant Panda in its natural habitat. After all the trouble she had gone through to get here, she wasn’t going to give up now. Then, and only then, would she go home.

As the rest of the passengers arrived, found their seats and stashed luggage into the over head lockers, Kathy relaxed into the airplane seat and closed her eyes with relief. It felt like forever since she had been this comfortable.

The drone of the engine helped Kathy to snooze, but as soon as the plane reached cruising level it was already losing altitude in order to land again.

Ho Chi Minh city came into sight under the heavy clouds. It was pouring with rain, and the plane landed some distance from the main building. They sat on the tarmac for some time, as a transit bus cruised through a maze of other planes, and they were disgorged from their plane and re-arranged in the bus.

Finally, Kathy walked into the spacious passenger lounge and sat down. She always found it amusing that, after sitting down on the plane, the first thing that she wanted to do when she alighted, was sit down again.

She sat for a while, watching the activity around her.

Several families were rushing by, many people hugged each other in greeting, a Japanese family looked around with the tourist fascination of a new experience and a young girl, dressed in a pink tutu and fairy wings was running around excitedly. Several people in business suits and carrying brief cases hurried by, no doubt off to a meeting or similar. The crew of the airplane walked by, exchanging greetings with another crew.

Kathy was too tired to be excited. She needed to get her money, and then a ticket to China.

She sat quietly, her backpack at her feet, waiting for the call on her cell-phone from her parents telling her that the money had been put into her account.

The little girl dressed in pink, with fairy wings strapped to her back, came skipping by.

She stopped in front of Kathy and stared at her.

“Ha-wwo!” she said. “What’s your name?”

Kathy thought she was cute.

“My name’s Kathy,” she answered. “And what’s your name?”

The little girl fluffed up her tutu and hopped around on one foot, stretching her arms out as if she was a bird.

“I’m Fairy Printhess, “she said, and ran around and around in front of Kathy singing a nonsense tune.

“Where’s your parents?” Kathy asked.

The little princess stopped and looked at Kathy with a frown.

“I don’t know,” she said and then screwed up her face and began to cry.

“Oh, don’t cry!” Kathy stood and wrapped her arms around the little girl. “What’s your parent’s name? We’ll get the lady at the counter to call for them over the loud speaker.”

The little girl hiccupped to a sob and nodded her head, trying to smile through the tears.

‘Mummy and Daddy” she said. “I want them, now!” and she burst into fresh tears.

Kathy picked her up and walked over to the closest counter. She sat the little girl on the bench-top  and spoke to the women who was doing some paper work at a desk.

It didn’t matter how many times they asked the toddler, she continued to insist she was Fairy Printhess, and the names of her parents were Mummy and Daddy.

Finally the woman got on the microphone and called out.

“Anyone looking for their very own pink tutu-ed Fairy Princess, please come to the Pan Am counter near gate 15.”

Not long after, a harried looking couple came running up to them.

The little girl held out her arms.

“Mummy” she yelled.

The woman scooped her off the counter and hugged her as tears ran down her face. The father hugged them both.

Finally, they turned and thanked the woman at the counter. She shook her head.

“If it hadn’t been for this young lady, there,” she pointed at Kathy. “Your little girl may have been lost for a lot longer.”

The two grateful parents approached Kathy, who was once again sitting down with her luggage at her feet.

“Thank you, we’d been looking for her for ages. You wouldn’t think a little girl in a pink tutu and fairy wings would have been so hard to find,” they said, as ‘the little princess’ hung on tight to her mother.

Kathy laughed. “No problems at all,” she said. “I seem to attract children in distress”.

She remembered the young boy in Port Moresby and her ducking in the lake with the ducks and toddler as she pulled him from the water.

“Glad it all turned out ok.”

The family nodded, thanking her again and again, pressing a large denomination note into Kathy’s hand and then they walked off to go home.

Kathy took a deep breath, picked up her backpack and went to look for the bank to get her own money. Now she would have enough to get her ticket to China as well as to Bifengxia.

She organized everything and made sure she would be home at the boarding school in order to start the new term.

She had another two weeks to find her wild Giant Panda.