Rejected, Evening and Decorations

The evenings of Winter draw around us. In the northern hemisphere it is time for eggnogs, Christmas sleigh rides and snowy outings. The Winters of Australia fall in the middle of the year, when we all are thinking about tax returns and the end of the financial year. Our Christmas is still six months away, and then it will be hot and weather for the beach. It is ironic to me that even so, our Christmas cards and decorations are colourful pictures of snowy landscapes, our Santas still dress in the warm red suits and long boots and we still expect a hot roast dinner in the middle of the day.

Fortunately, it is slowly changing.

Easter rabbits are now Australian Bilby’s, Christmas Santa wears a red swimsuit and his sleigh is pulled by Kangaroos.

However, our winter is still considered the perfect time for weddings and romance.

Below is a painting of a spider’s web by Patsy Seager. She challenged me to write a short story with a romantic flavour. Here is the story it inspired. As always, if you are interested in buying any of the art featured in my blog posts this year, please direct message me.

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‘Web’ by Patsy Seager. $150

Butterfly Bravery.

 In the light of the winter evening sunset, Dana shivered, and stood looking at the web in front of her. She was heartbroken. John had rejected her.

The butterfly spasmed, and a large spider ran toward its victim. Dana couldn’t watch. She plucked the beautiful creature from its fate, dislodging a leaf that had blown into the same web.

That’s when she noticed the flowers.

Why was life so cruel? She had given John her heart and  couldn’t believe he had not felt the same.

She opened her hand and let the butterfly free. It flew to the nearest flower and alighted there, as if it was catching its breath, then with a daring leap jumped into the unknown. Then it fluttered away, disappearing into the gathering darkness.

Dana carefully took the gumnut flowers from the web and turned to walk away. Now the spider was bereft of its meal, and the decorations as well.

She sauntered down the hill towards the village, thinking about the next move she should make.

When she looked up, she saw John running towards her. She stood still, as if she, too was, like the butterfly, resting on its flower. What was she going to do?

“Dana,” John breathed loudly as he reached her, bending and placing his hands on his thighs as he panted. “Forgive me, darling. I can’t live without you! I should never have said what I did! I was so confused. But I love you … please take me back.

Dana thought of that butterfly.

The gumnut flowers fell to the ground. She took a deep breath and flung herself into his arms.

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Refresh, Energize and Diverge.

2020 has been a difficult year and I must apologize for neglecting my blog. We have all suffered, from drought, fires, floods and Covid, and I have been busy, at home during lock-down, writing and published more of my own and other author’s books. All the books are available from me – so please message me if anything looks interesting to you. The following is only a small sample (page two has my catalogue on it).

On a completely different tangent, I’ve also learned to knit with 4 needles and have made myself 4 pairs of socks for next winter.

Now I feel it’s time to refresh, energize and renew my blog … diverge into a different style – give my readers some of my writing with short stories inspired by various artist’s work.

So … enough of my waffling! Please remember, if you are interested in any of the books or paintings featured in my blog, please follow the links ( ), ( ), ( ), or Direct Message me. Thank you.

This is the first of twelve paintings that have inspired me to write a short story. Don’t forget to follow the links to more of this artist’s works. This painting is by Mykel. If you would like to see more of his work pop over to his Instagram account –



Lucius stepped back and checked the floor again. One more tile and a polish, and the design would be finished.

He squatted down and placed the last of the lapis-lazuli tiles in position, then relaxed back on his heels and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He was very happy with the work, the centre-piece of the lavish courtyard in this lush holiday villa. He was looking forward to doing his next job for Marcus Flavius.

That next job included a vicious, snarling dog. It was to be laid in the entrance foyer as a warning to unwanted guests.

Lucius smiled. Marcus Flavius had been so impressed by his designs, he had freed Lucius from the bonds of slavery and was in the process of gaining the necessary Roman citizenship for him. He would do a mosaic worthy of his own elevation, and to do his ex-master proud.

Only a couple of weeks later, the dog was nearly finished. Lucius’s Roman citizenship had come through and he was about to set up his own business in the main city centre. He could see a bright future ahead of him.

There was a rumble beneath his feet. What was happening. He got up off the floor and ran. There had been only a few tiles left to place.


The drone that belonged to Arthur swept over the next part of the archaeological site. It’s infrared cameras sent back to the computer a rough outline of a large villa.

Arthur had already begun the dig.

He was excited.

They could see the beginnings of a mosaic, undamaged by the layers of ash that Vesuvius had spewed over the town. Slowly a head of a large black and tan dog appeared – it’s mouth open in a growl and it’s fangs large and menacing. What a magnificent work of art. The owner of the villa must have been wealthy to have been able to hire such wonderful craftsmen.

Arthur turned to his partner.

“Such a pity this was never finished.” he remarked “But I wonder what other treasures we will find within this villa’s walls?”