Raspberries, Equipment and Diets.

To follow on from my post last week, let’s talk more about diets.

We are bombarded by advice all the time. Diets have become a multi million dollar business.

But just what do you follow? Are you hoping to have a body of an eighteen year old, even though you may have had 3 children and have reached the ‘over the hill’ age?

I think it is about time to be realistic – blow raspberries (yes – I know – the real things are good for you) at all those yoyo dieters and gym junkies.raspberry

Now – I have nothing against exercise and good, healthy eating. But there is no need to go overboard.

Yes – the gym has a certain appeal, with it’s equipment and weights and bars – and healthy eating has it’s place, too. But …

It’s your friends birthday, and there is a birthday cake covered in luscious chocolate icing and accompanied by whipped cream as well as a very insistent friend smiling at you and begging you to have some. Now that’s exactly my point – have some! You don’t have to demolish the cake all by yourself in one sitting!

The secret, as far as I can see is my mother’s generation’s old adage – everything in moderation.

My mother even went so far as recommending that a dinner plate should have a little bit of as many colours as you can find. White from potatoes or turnip or rice, green from lettuce or broccoli or beans or peas, red from beetroot or tomatoes or capsicum, yellow from pumpkin or corn. You get the idea.

We always had a small dessert after dinner as well. Sugar was never overused in our house, and was not considered a health hazard.

The things we DID NOT have was soft drinks and junk food. Everything was cooked fresh.junkb

Weight was never a problem – and as you grew older, it was understood that your body changed and exercise was not so robust. I have been doing some research into the phenomenon of the ‘middle age and older’ body. It used to be called ‘middle-age spread‘. Women, in particular seem to take on a bigger boob, rotund tummy and larger backside shape.


It can’t be that we are all bad eaters and not exercisers. Well – I’ve found out that as we age our metabolism slows down – but we can do something about it! Matt Stone has done a lot of research into this particular problem – see his website –  http://180degreehealth.com – very interesting reading. Diet suddenly becomes a dirty word!

Let’s get back to a sensible outlook on our food and daily lives. Stressing constantly about what you eat and what you weigh is counterproductive. Consider that you can eat less, if you are overweight, but don’t starve yourself – it only makes the body confused and can be dangerous in the long run. And remember – getting tangled up in the diet mentality means you are only making someone else rich on your weaknesses and addictions.

That’s all from me about that now – I’ll get off my soapbox. Enjoy your life – let minor irritations go and learn from your mistakes but don’t let them rule your life. After all, to be blunt and scary – in a hundred years time no-one will even remember that you were worried and stressed.

In my next post, I’ll talk about gardens – our Earth seems to have been put on a diet too, and the soil is impoverished and needs food. What are your thoughts?

Till next week.

With Kindness


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R.eckless E.xercise and D.oh.

Strange title, you must admit. How an earth are those three words connected?

One of the problems I have with exercise is my age. I don’t want to go and do something as reckless as expecting to run a marathon, lift 60kgs of weight or pull tyres around on my back until I have a heart attack. I can hear everyone saying – of course you don’t – and you don’t have to. But if you check out all the u-tube work outs, the advertising on the TV (and the programs that drive overweight  people into exhausting  routines as if that is the only way to achieve their goals) and the trainers at the gym that push you to limits that they think you can achieve -( ‘go one – just one more, just one more’) you find that they are all young, healthy people who have been exercising since they were knee high to grasshoppers.


My gorgeous daughter and her husband.

My daughter is a case in point.

Well, OK – she didn’t start on the exercise treadmill until she was in her mid-twenties, but, hey, that is a baby in age compared to me. (She is now ten years further on, and still gorgeous!) But, at nearly seventy, I want gentle exercise, preferably to music, and not obviously exercise. In other words, movement to keep me healthy and active that I can still enjoy! As Homer Simpson would say – “Doh! So would everyone else!!!”

I’ve just come in to the computer from cleaning out the cow shed – I guess that could be classified as exercise, but not particularly enjoyable.

Shani the jersey cow

One of my previous milking cows.

As a music teacher, Doh represents the beginning of a scale, or base note of a particular key. If you’ve seen ‘The Sound of Music’ (and who hasn’t?) Julie Andrews sings the scale by using doh, re, me, fah, soh, la, te and that brings us back to doh! That is the main scale used in the formation of music – and it’s called the ‘major’ key.

I love music, and I guess one of the best type exercises for my age group would be to dance. Not ‘break-dancing’, not ‘belly-dancing’, not fast and furious stuff, just the gentle ballroom dancing that is perhaps now considered a little old-fashioned.

Hear the beat!

Those feet were made for dancin’!

It has several things in its favour.

  • You are keeping active but it’s not a reckless or dangerous activity.
  • You are getting out of the house, and maybe out of your comfort zone.
  • You are not sitting watching TV.
  • You are socializing and meeting new people.
  • And last but not least, you are challenging your body and mind – keeping you young at heart and fit at the same time.

Seems a win-win situation to me.

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