Reveal, Eyes and Discover.

‘Depression’ – artist Mykey.

One of the unseen mental illnesses is Depression – not the type of hole in a landscape, but a deep well of hopelessness in a person. Most of us have ‘down’ days or moments, but we strive to pull up our socks, put on our big girls’ blouses and soldier on. BUT … if you have a depression that is impossible to escape, you should seek help.

One of the problems with medical depression, is that the person covers it up with a smile and a facade of joyfulness. Think of Robin Williams for a moment. The outward personality, although, in hindsight we could possibly see as manic, certainly didn’t give us any clue to his inner turmoil. This happens with many people with mental disorders – whether it is depression, or other types of illness.

If you find out that someone has a mental illness – DON’T judge, DON’T ignore, and DON’T be embarrassed. DO give your support and ALWAYS be kind.

Now enjoy my short story that was inspired by both the painting by Mykey as well as by my desire to always be kind and supporting.

Finding Life.

Dave stood on the headland and looked out to sea. Below him were dark, jagged rocks. That was how he felt – dark and shattered. His life had no purpose. He felt unloved and completely alone. He almost smiled – at least the rocks had other rocks nearby and they were caressed daily by the constant touch of the ocean.

He turned slightly and looked behind at the green hills rolling away into the distance, always going up towards the sky, the light of the sun warming them.

But he was cold.

He took another step towards the edge. Could he jump? Should he jump? Would anyone care?

He must have stood there for hours. time, at that point meant nothing. Nothing mattered.


Susan wondered where Dave was. He had gone for a walk and hadn’t returned, so she put on her coat, wrapped her scarf around her neck and added a warm hat, then walked out the door.

The wind wasn’t as cold as she had imagined, and the sun glittered off the ripples of the water that stretched to the pale blue of the horizon. As she crested a slight dip in the path, she saw Dave. He was close to the edge, looking down at the rocks below.

She stopped.

What was he doing?

As she watched he seemed to move towards the emptiness beyond the cliff. She ran the rest of the way, clasping him around the waist, pulling him into her arms and away from the void.

He looked at her, uncomprehendingly, his eyes blank. They revealed a man at the edge of despair. She held him tightly, aware that he had begun to sob.

“I love you, Dave,” she murmured. “You mean so much to me, and you matter in this world.”


Although Dave was alive, it took weeks to help him discover the truth of her love. With support and professional help, he finally learnt to love himself and he finally found the joy in life.

She hoped that depth of depression would never come back to haunt his mind again.


Should this story make you feel uncomfortable or depressed within yourself, that wasn’t the intention. Remember that to ask for help is not a weakness – it is a strength.

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