R.aunchy E.rotic and D.aring.


Sex! —–Shhhh! Don’t say it too loud, the oldies might hear.

It seems every young generation is amazed that they discovered this physical exercise. Obviously the older people around them would be just a little embarrassed if they found out about it, you know!

It has always amazed me that such a natural part of life has become such a taboo subject. It has, in all likelihood, ( – I joke) been around forever, considering that we need the act itself for the continuation of our species. Somehow though, along the way, the physical manifestation of sex has become somewhat disgusting to speak about. All types of erotic and daring behaviour has been relegated to behind closed doors.

Needless to say, it hasn’t always been so. And just because we don’t share our feelings and desires openly, doesn’t mean they have gone away. Victorian England was probably responsible for the idea that ‘civilized ladies’ didn’t enjoy sex, but, because men did, they needed mistresses outside the sanctity of marriage. We have seen customs come and go and nowadays, in our society, it seems wrong that mistresses should be kept by men. Most wives would be horrified if they discovered this was happening to them.

I’ve always wondered why a book such as ’50 shades…(you know the one I mean)…should make the best seller lists, but then I realized. As a race, most of us are pre-occupied by our baser instincts. Several things come to mind, other than the obvious dictated by the title of this blog!

In Western culture, money and success and power are all used by both men and women and can cause serious problems.

Sex can be used as a weapon as well as a joy. Over the years, men have been able to call the shots as far as sex is concerned, using their ‘maleness’ as reasons for all sorts of debauched behaviours. Again, I say, just because it is supposed to be ‘bad’ doesn’t actually stop it from happening. So often the women have been punished as bringing rape upon themselves, and vilified when taking lovers from the ‘enemy’ (think of the women who were paraded along the streets with shaved heads as a sign they had slept with German officers during the war when some would have done so merely to survive!)

I have no opinion either way with any of the ‘rules’ of society, be they mine, Christian, Muslim or any other. You have the right to make up your own mind – but do remember – sex is just another part of life – something that is akin to sleeping, eating and drinking – we need sex in our lives for various reasons, bad or good.

My book ‘Tarnished Gems’ explores some of the ways sex can negatively affect men and women and how eventually, if we can look upon the act in a positive light, we can be happier and healthier in our life.

If you would like to buy my book, it is available on Amazon as an ebook as well as from me as a print copy. It is written under the pen-name of Marguerite Wellbourne, as I write for children, and felt that the subject matter in the book was not suitable for children.


My other books are for children: viewAuthor.at/MaureenLarter

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