R.ed, E.vents and D.elays

Well here we are in what I call ‘the silly season’. Suddenly we feel the need to spend money like water, stress out about the family and put on a feed so huge it could feed the world’s starving hordes.

I have always thought this celebration, in the name of ‘Christianity’, to be something of a fraud. At least all the big retailers make a fortune.

Surely, such an event should be more in keeping with the teachings of the religion. I will probably cause an outcry with this post, but, in my opinion, the jolly chubby man in a red suit really isn’t part of the deal?? In years past, handmade gifts, (a new scarf, or a knitted soft toy)

Etty Doll

The knitted doll, with removable clothes, I sell for $45.

and only one each, were the order of the day. The Christmas stocking held little treats – mostly things like an apple, or a few mixed nuts. They were expensive so not a normal household item. Today we cram the children (and ourselves) with a lot of sugary confections and gimmicky toys.

I don’t know if other religions create such a commotion at this time of the year – but I’d like to delay it and it could even be cancelled, as far as I’m concerned.

Let’s get back to the simple things in life – a chance to bring friends and family together in joy and happiness. A chance to give freely of our love and abundance. If you give a gift, try to be aware of the person you are giving to. Books and do-it-yourself models help create an imagination and, if you’ve made it yourself, adds to the love embedded in the gift.

Think of all the others in the world who haven’t got a family, a home or food to eat. Get together and think of ways you and yours could help. Think about the ravages we have caused in the environment of our beautiful planet, and try to be more gentle, caring and aware of everything around us.

Life is short, in the scheme of things, and any little thing we can do to make a better world should be in our thoughts, at this time of year, and, in fact, all year.

Having had my little soapbox rant, enjoy your family and be thankful for all you have (not worried about what you don’t have).

Happy and safe season to you all.





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