R.oses, D.iscover and E.xplore

Another month has passed and I am starting on my vaccinations!

Eww!! I hate injections.


Needles! Aaaargh!

There seems no way I can get out of it. I went to the doctor’s for my annual check-up and everything is in order with my health – thank goodness. The doctor was most helpful, giving me prescriptions for all types of pills to take with me.  It is always wise to be prepared, I feel  – having been hospitalized while in China, it is impossible to talk to a doctor in a foreign country – with the doctor not understand English terms such as diarrhea, nausea, allergic reaction, and antibiotics, while I could not explain my symptoms in Chinese – it was extremely difficult, especially as I was so unwell at the time.


  1. Obstacle number six pertained to money. I have already saved enough for my ticket. Yay!
  2. The ‘pop up’ problems haven’t surfaced yet. I’m trying to foresee anything that may happen and cover it now. I’ve checked out the Internet capabilities and can pay my bills on line while I’m away. My next objective is to buy a new suitcase – the one I already have is about to fall apart!
  3. How does one get over the fear of heights? I know I will be all right in the airplane as I have previously travelled like that. My other concern was the terrain around the orphanage where I will be staying – which brings me to the next question:-
  4. Where exactly am I going? I have, since my last blog, been to Sydney and seen the lady who owns the school and orphanage where I will stay. The area is FLAT!! – no problem here with heights! It is in the country, in a small but poor village. That was a plus for me, too. And finally, it was 80 kms south of Siem Reap on the shores of the large lake in the middle of Cambodia. All wonderful news.map

Now  … health.

  1. Looking up the hazards in Cambodia, concerning health, nearly had me fleeing in the opposite direction. Suggestions were – get vaccinated against Cholera, Typhoid, Rabies, Malaria and Hepatitis. I already knew Dengue Fever was something I didn’t want, either. My mind has been put at rest. I will have tablets for Malaria and typhoid. Cholera and Dengue fever is not rampant. I am already immune to Hep A so don’t need that. The doctor has organized everything I need to ward off all and every contingency. The owner of the place tells me I will be sleeping under mosquito netting, and will have only bottled water.

The obstacles are beginning to melt away.

Now I can look forward to smelling the roses, instead of spending my time perpetually worried about any and every disease known to mankind. I am excited – I will spend my time discovering the wonderful people and culture, and in my free time I will explore the beauties of the country and see the wonders around me.

What more could I want?roses

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  1. Liz · May 8, 2016

    Good luck Maureen. You are so courageous. Fingers crossed you don’t run into any illnesses while away.

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