Rubbish, Everything and Doors



It’s that time of the month again! BLOG TIME!

I’ve been away looking after my daughter’s dog and house while the family went away and enjoyed a cruise.

I focused in on my writing and managed to get the first draft of my next novel  ‘Ordeal by Innocence’ completed. I had no distractions – so was able to concentrate. It was not an easy book to write, as it deals with domestic violence. I write under the name of Marguerite Wellbourne when I write for adults – wouldn’t want the children to get hold of these books!

The last book was called ‘Tarnished Gems’ and involves four women and their checkered pasts and how they change after an accident.front

The only thing I didn’t manage to do for her was put out the rubbish bins on the day. I can remember the noise of a truck in the street, wondering why it was stopping all the time. You’d think I’d have figured it out before it had gone past, wouldn’t you. But my head was on my writing – everything else was not important!

I left the door open for the dog, and just worked!

When I got home, the hens had missed me so much that they were no longer laying eggs – the vegetable garden was smothered in weeds, but the cabbage, cauliflower and silver beat were ready to pick!

One has to have a win occasionally!                                                    

Now that I’m home, the next thing on my agenda is a workshop I will be giving on bread-making. I will be taking 3 classes this coming week.

Here is one of the recipes I will be giving the students:-



2 cups plain flour.

1 tspn salt

2 cups SR/Wholemeal flour

3 tblspns melted butter

1 – 13/4 cups warm water.


Mix together the flours and salt. Add the melted butter, then add enough of the warm water to make a soft, but not wet dough. Turn out onto a floured surface and knead until smooth. Dust with flour and wrap in a damp towel and chill for about an hour or so.

Cut the  dough in 12 equal portions. Shape each piece into a ball, flatten slightly then roll until as thin as possible.

Pre heat a frying pan, grease very lightly, then place each circle in the pan. Cook until slightly brown, then turn and do the other side. Repeat with the other 11 pieces. Brush with butter, and serve warm. Serves 6 (two each)


Well, there you go – wonder what next month will bring?


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