Rice, Edges and Dumplings

I am beginning to get excited. Why, you ask?rice

Well, I’ve committed myself to eating rice. 

That statement isn’t altogether true! What I really mean is that I will probably be eating more rice in October, November and December than I normally would. And I’m getting excited because, while I’m eating it I will be in Cambodia, not in my safe little haven of home.paddy

I awoke at the beginning of the year and realized it was ten years ago that I had lived in China. It shocked me a little. Where had that ten years gone? Life was rushing headlong towards the inevitable end and if I didn’t do something soon, I knew I would use every excuse in the book to not do anything at all – you know the situation :-

1 – I’m too old to do that. (You’re never too old)

2 – I’ve got too much to do at home. (Home will still be there when you come back)

3 – I’m too scared to go out of my comfort zone. (You’re brave – go for it!)

4 – I can’t speak the language. (You’ll get by – someone will speak English)

5 – I can’t read the language. (Isn’t it weird being illiterate – but you can learn.)khmer alphabet

6 – There’s too much violence in the world these days. (The media exaggerates.)

7 – What if I get sick? (You’re healthy – don’t jinx yourself)

8 – What if … what if …

And so it goes – and always that little voice of reason cuts through the hard edges of your emotions, excuses and fears, and makes you feel foolish.

So I made a decision! I’m going to go overseas and teach, just like I did in China back in 2006.plane

Once that decision was made, everything fell into place.

So now I’m excited – I told you that at the beginning, didn’t I? – even if I am a little afraid.

Cambodia – here I come – swapping rice for the dumplings I loved while I lived in China, and the meat pies and sauce from good old Aussieland. Wish me luck – but remember – I really don’t need it – I’m going to enjoy every moment anyway!

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